Why Parkour Shoes Are So Important To These Athletes

Parkour Shoe ReviewsIf you are someone that hasn’t been on Youtube much in the past few years, then you might have been missing out on the phenomenon that is sweeping the web; parkour.  Parkour is the high flying extreme sport that is all about speed and explosive movements.  Parkour originated as a martial arts type discipline that revolved around getting from point A to point B as quickly and as efficiently as possible.  This could mean vaulting over rails, or climbing up high walls, or jumping over obstacles.  Over time, partly because of Youtube and the internet videos of extreme parkour athletes has come about.  These videos entail parkour and free running athletes jumping off buildings, and performing other high risk skills.  Because parkour is a human body/gymnastic type sport there isn’t much you really need to purchase to be able to get into it, except for parkour shoes, gloves, and maybe a backpack.

Compared to many other sports, the cost of entry to parkour is quite cheap.  With a sport like football you will need to buy all the pads, cleats, mouth guards, helmets, and a football, but with parkour all the stuff you need is minimal.  All the equipment you need for parkour can be fit in a small backpack without breaking the bank!  When I first began practicing parkour I started with normal tennis shoes and all though it worked fine, I was really putting myself in danger of rolling my ankle or slipping.  What I really needed was a good set of Parkour Shoes.  There are a few different sets of parkour shoes that are really great and will keep you safe by provide you with great grip, and great comfort to keep you safe.  I read an article about parkour shoes called Best Parkour Shoes: The Expert’s Guide With Top Rated Products.

In this article about parkour shoes, you learn what you actually want in these shoes (grip, comfort, durability), and where you can get these shoes.  As I said earlier, I started practicing parkour with just regular street shoes and although it worked ok, I was definitely putting myself at risk.  Thankfully I found that articles and I was able to grab new shoes, and I was able to get a pair of shoes that provided me with enough grip for any vault or path I wanted to run.  I definitely suggest you take a look at a nice pair of free running shoes so that you have the grip on concrete and brick that you will need at high speeds!

Ceiling Fan For Added Air Currents

allen roth ceiling fanIf you are someone like me that in their house they just have this one room that always gets really stuffy and warm, then you will be able to know that there is a solution to this!  I personally have this problem every summer in my study in my house and it was driving me crazy.  But after consulting some contractor friends, I found out that there was an easy way to sort this out!  I knew I had to find a new ceiling fan after reading this blog at www.allenrothhub.com/allen-roth-ceiling-fan.

Previously I had a ceiling fan but with the blade length being so short this it did barely anything to help with the heat and the stuffiness of the room.  After reading about the effects of having a recommended blade length on your fan, I knew that this could help increase the air flow in the room.  Because of this, I knew I had to make something happen.

So, I went down to my local Lowes and I started looking in the ceiling fan section.  There were so many choices!  They had fans made from it seemed like hundreds of different materials including different metals and different woods.  Along with this, each fan had a specific number of fan blades.  Most of them had three blades, but some of them had only two, and many had up to five blades!  Also, for each fan, the fan blade length was different.  The length is normally around 32 inches, and the longer it is the more air flow it is going to bring.  But you also have to take a look at fan speed along with blade length.  Because generally smaller bladed fans will spin faster than longer bladed fans.

Overall picking a ceiling fan can be a difficult decision to make, but in the end if you do your research you are going to do amazing!

Alta Vista Bison Meat Sales!

Welcome back to Alta Vista Bison!

It has been awhile since we have been able to open up shop to our loyal customers!  It can be quite hard running a business like ours with very specific customer needs, but we try not to let that affect us!  We had to bisonshut down so we could keep up with orders and fulfill our customers to the best of our abilities!  But, now that we are back on track, we are ready to start taking orders again!

If you are someone who has never tried buffalo or bison meat, then this is an excellent opportunity for you!  I always compare bison meat to steaks, but much more hearty and flavorful!  Overall, you at least have to try it once.  It’s a unique experience and it’s prepared by our top quality butchers and chefs.

I hope to see incoming orders from all of you, and I look forward to fulfilling your orders!